A little slice of heaven...

Explore the farm

 Kindred Creeks Farm is a charming and diverse property with various elements that contribute to its uniqueness. The combination of a 70-acre working farm, babbling creeks, active farm animals, and ample crops paints a picturesque image of a thriving agricultural setting.

The presence of the Cartwright Family, Jerry and Pam, as residents adds a personal touch to the farm. Family ownership brings a sense of tradition, care, and commitment to maintaining the land and its operations.


Meet the Kindred Creeks family of farm animals including, goats, chickens, ducks, barn cats, and more!


Our large and functional barn forms a beautiful photo backdrop and also houses our farm operating equipment.

Grand Meadow

Nestled beneath an expansive canvas of azure sky, the meadow unfolds like a vast emerald tapestry.


Our expansive fields of Timothy Hay measures approximately 20 acres and requires two cuttings each growing season.


Sweet nectar produced our farm's hives is for sale under the Kindred Creeks Farm Label.


Scenic walking trails alongside the streams and hay fields offer a serene experience for visitors.


Bourbon Red Heritage Turkeys – pasture raised- may be ordered for a very special Thanksgiving Dinner.

Farm Video

Our farm from a birds eye view. It's stunning!